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An environment charity providing services of environment and social benefit across Bradford District. BOCS has three main areas, Wibsey Community Garden, Bradford Community Repaint and Scrap Magic. 

Wibsey Community Gardens

  A therapeutic horticulture project based in Wibsey Park used for organic growing of vegetables, fruit and salad and bee keeping. It is a secure 2.5 acre site with a staff team, however it is mainly staffed by volunteers recruited locally and from across the district giving people the chance to be physically active outdoors in a lovely safe environment.  There are polytunnels, outdoor growing and composting areas, beehives and wildflower areas.  It is used for group work with adults and for introducing children and young people to food growing, cook and eat and minibeasts. 

Bradford Community Repaint

A paint recycling project collecting all leftover paint from the eight Household Waste Recycling Centres then recycling and selling this at very low price so everyone can get good quality recylced paint for their homes while diverting from landfill. Scrap Magic is a Scrap Store collecting safe, clean, donated waste materials and recycling this for creative children's play while diverting from landfill.  All activities encourage volunteering and skill development supporting people living in poverty and experiencing loneliness and isolation

Scrap Magic

A scrap store using safe clean donated materials that would otherwise normally end up in landfill that are then sorted to make craft packs for creative play.  The store is run by volunteers and is based in Wibsey Community Gardens where everyone can come fill a scrap basket, buy items from our scrap section to take away and use within there own setting